Valentino Lock bag review



If you’re a regular on my instagram, you certainly know that I use my Valentino lock bag on a daily basis. No matter if I am heading to a business meeting or simply grabbing lunch with my besties, it follows me everywhere.

So it was time for a review! And while I love the bag, I had a pretty nasty issue with it over the summer that I talk about in the video… so just keep on watching!

2 thoughts on “Valentino Lock bag review”

  1. […] now and I simply love it. I’ve already talked about the quality and the issues of the bag over in this post so for today’s video, I just wanted to show you everything that I keep in there from my new […]

  2. […] first off, is my current favorite Luisa Via Roma. As I told you here, I’ve ordered my Valentino lock bag from them and I am happy to report that their service is […]


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